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Please contact Martin Neate for details of our pricing structure for One to One work.

All associated costs incurred by HertsISS such as additional transport costs and entrance fees will be absorbed by the overall charge. This is to make the pricing structure clear, and there are no hidden extras.


The cost for group work is dependent on the type of activity and how many people are attending. These costs will be clearly explained and agreed by you beforehand.


People who are entitled and meet the criteria of the Fair Access to Care Assessment (FACs) are given a personal budget to purchase their care. This can be arranged by traditional services and provided as a direct service or can be a sum of money given to you to spend on buying in your social care.

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You can get in touch with HertsISS by using the contact details following or please fill in the boxes below. 

Martin Neate
Herts Independent Social Support
Tel: 01438 906123 

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