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Let's get out...



One to One

Our one to one work will provide a safe and supported environment to take small and sometimes challenging steps on the path to recovery.


Our experienced support workers can help you to get out and enjoy activities in the community including going to museums, comedy clubs, the cinema and theatre. We can accompany you on shopping trips, go out for meals or just catch up over a coffee in a cafe.


Exercise is great for the mind and body so we can take you swimming, play some golf or pool, go bowling or enjoy walks in the countryside. Tell us what you would like to do, and we will tailor the activity to suit you. 





Day to Day

We can accompany you to any appointments you need to attend including health/benefits and also assist with weekly food shopping trips.


We will support any day to day issues you may experience including housing problems, benefits advice, budgeting and debt management. 


If you would like to find employment, participate in voluntary work or further your education, we can get you started.


Whatever your need, we can support you or signpost you to other providers who will assist your recovery journey.

Group Activities

Many people are socially isolated and miss out on meeting up with friends and enjoying a shared experience. We all need some fun in our lives.

Since HertsISS started in September 2012, we have assisted people to take part in various group activities. Whether you would like to get together with some other service users to go to the cinema or join in with a pool tournament or just have a meal with some friends, we can facilitate a group activity to suit you.
The group trips are limited to three people and encourage and challenge people to move out of their comfort zones. This supports the recovery model of care and furthers social inclusion.

Short Breaks


This year we have assisted in enabling several service user's to have a short break holiday. These holidays have been in a hotel, caravan and luxury lodge at destinations including Trimmingham Norfolk, Wells Next the Sea, Southend and Great Yarmouth.


You let us know a UK destination you have always wanted to visit and we will organise a trip tailored to your needs.

Contact the office for more details and how we might be able to assist you in having that holiday that you always wanted.
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