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Quality Assurance


HertsISS aims to run the service in ways that are in the best interests of people who are using it. 

We have systems in place that enable us to monitor what is happening in the service including: 


  • asking service user’s individually for their views when their support plan is created and reviewed

  • keeping records of complaints, accidents and other unusual occurrences

  • evaluating training/learning and development opportunities that have been provided

  • using evidence from consultations and surveys

  • involving service user’s and/or other people who are using the service in all aspects of running it, and obtaining feedback from them

  • looking at the reasons that services have ended

  • auditing or checking files


Having gathered together all the information from the monitoring that we have done during the year, we use this to help decide what needs to change, and then to make a plan of action for the next year.

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